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Jewelry is self-expression, connection and conversation.


Our founder's motto is 'creating art, not content,' and we embrace this philosophy for Yoreh. It's by artists for artists, and our primary goal is to convey this authenticity through our work.

Our Founders

Our founders - Matt Jacob and Fin Matson- love to create. Photographers at heart, artists by nature, the vision for Yoreh was to bring their visionary landscape together and create something unique. Jewelry, specialty coffee, photography and community are the pillars of Matt and Fin's purpose.

Live Conciously

We strive to inspire our customers to live consciously and purposefully, embracing the simple pleasures in life.

Yoreh embodies a highly creative and passionate approach, infusing our work with purpose and intention. we strive to create unique and meaningful designs that reflect our own values and personality.

Live Purposefully

Our adventurous and open-minded nature fuels our desire to explore new experiences and perspectives. we want our community to feel inspired, connected, and empowered and our goal is to evoke excitement and possibility, encouraging individuals to express their individual style and values through our Jewelry.

Local Artisans

Our products are meticulously handcrafted by local artisans in Bali, Indonesia, and we prioritize ensuring that our artisans receive compensation above the average wage.

"Works of art that are beautiful, meaningful, timeless and eco-friendly - what more do you want?!"

Fi Kettlewell

"Wearing a piece of the moon around my neck is about as magical as I could ever want"

Jess Heyman

"The sustainability efforts of this label certainly adds to the beauty of the products"

Lucy Chase